Arango Aramburo, Santiago

Santiago Arango Aramburo is Professor at the Faculty of Mines, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín, and Researcher at EfD Colombia. He holds a PhD in Simulation/Energy Modelling from the University of Bergen, Norway (2006).   


Research interests 

His research interests are the evaluation of policies for renewable energy, climate change, security of energy supply and small-scale mining. He is interested in the evaluation of the incentives and policies for the adoption of renewable energy in Colombia and the analysis of incentives to reduce emissions. 

His research methodology includes energy modelling, experimental economics, and simulation. 


He has supervised 5 PhD Students (2 have finished), and 15 Master Students, approx. 60% female. He has also supported a number of students to study abroad and gave advice on professional career. 

Grants and consultancy 

He has run more than 10 projects with external funding, from Governments, Companies, universities, etc. 

Policy engagement 

He has contributed to these accomplishments: 

- Declaration of the Bita River as a Ramsar Wetland 

- Implementation of the Carbon Tax in Colombia (from a paper in Energy Economics). 

- Development of online tools for education in energy, which are: 


People | 5 June 2018