Promoting Inclusive Clean Energy Transition in Uganda. Evidence, Challenges and Policy Options

Policy Brief
26 February 2024

Edward Bbaale,, Peter Babyenda, John Sseruyange, Nick Kilimani, IGE Fellows of 2023

Executive Summary

We have studied people’s perceptions of cooking energy systems in  Uganda, through a document review and Focused Group Discussions (FGD), their level of knowledge about the possible effects of using energy systems, the challenges they face when using various energy systems, and their suggestions for promoting the use of clean energy. During the FDGs, men and women were engaged separately to allow for independent responses across genders. This policy brief documents an overreliance on biomass cross the country with charcoal being the major energy source in the low-income suburbs of Kampala. Evidence also points to the inherent fear of electricity and liquid petroleum gas (LPG), weak awareness, and poor regulatory systems to be the leading obstacles to an energy transition process.

Publication reference
EfD Policy Brief Biomass EfD-Mak 2024
Publication | 22 February 2024