More and better resources are needed to help female farmers adapt to saltwater intrusion

Research Brief
13 February 2024

Hoa Le Dang, Thuyen Thi Pham, Nhung Thi Hong Pham, Nam Khanh Pham

Research questions: What factors affect male and female farmers’ choices of adaptive measures to saltwater intrusion? 

 Key Messages 

  • Saltwater intrusion has been increasing and impacts agricultural production and farmers’ lives in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. 
  • Farmers have been using different adaptive measures to adapt to saltwater intrusion. 
  • Female farmers have more barriers in response to saltwater intrusion since they are often poor, vulnerable, and have fewer opportunities to access resources than males. 
  • Many demographic, socioeconomic, and farming characteristics, institutional conditions, and salinity-related variables influenced female farmers’ choices of adaptive measures. 
  • Female farmers are more responsive to changes in influential social and natural factors while male farmers lack the desire to change. 
  • Extension services, educational opportunities, training on adaptation, social networks, and associations are required to help female farmers better adapt to saltwater intrusion. 


Publication reference
MS 1276
Publication | 13 February 2024