The Handbook of Economic Development and Institutions

Book Chapter
21 January 2020

F. Bourguignon

The book discusses the foundations of economics development and institutions. The chapters touch on several issues such as  :  

1) Institutions,Clientalism and Inequality

2) Institutions and Growth 

3) Trade, Aid and Migration

4)Families,Gender and Culture 

5) Sectoral Approaches


EfD India contribtuion : Book Chapters by Rohini Somanathan (Part 1 chapter 4) and E. Somanathan (Part 5, Chapter 20) 

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Baland, J.-M., Bourguignon, F., Platteau, J.-P., & Verdier, T. (Eds.). (2020). The Handbook of Economic Development and Institutions

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Publication | 1 May 2020