Evaluating electric stoves as a solution for household air pollution – a study in the world’s most polluted region

Research Brief
1 October 2020

Eswaran Somanathan, Eshita Gupta, Marc Jeuland, Rachit Kamdar, Utkarsh Kumar, T.V. Ninan, Vidisha Chowdhury, Suvir Chandna, Mike Bergin, Karoline Johnson, Christina Norris, T. Rob Fetter, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak

Key Points

  • Household air pollution is a major contributor to the disease burden in India
  • Electric induction stoves are relatively cheap to own and operate and can serve as an alternative to the use of solid fuels for cooking
  • Our study shows that electricity availability substantially reduces kitchen PM2.5 during morning and evening cooking hours
  • In spite of the erratic and unreliable electricity supply, early adopters of induction stoves do use them for cooking
  • Improving the reliability of electricity and promoting electric cooking appear to be very promising solutions to the problem of household and ambient air pollution in India and other developing countries
Sustainable Development Goals
Publication reference
Evaluating Electric Stoves as a Solution for Household Air Pollution
Publication | 2 November 2020