Diverse values of nature for sustainability

Peer Reviewed
9 August 2023

Unai Pascual, Patricia Balvanera, Christopher B. Anderson, Gundimeda Haripriya, et al

Despite two decades of advancing the understanding of valuing ecosystem services, the global biodiversity crisis continues to face challenges in integrating nature's diverse values into decision-making. Barriers include powerful interests shaped by existing norms and legal rules, such as property rights. Despite international agreements to consider nature's values, prevailing policies still prioritize market-linked values, contributing to a 'values crisis.' Drawing on extensive scientific publications, policy documents, and Indigenous knowledge, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) proposes a values-centered approach to enhance valuation and overcome uptake barriers, facilitating transformative changes towards just and sustainable futures.

Sustainable Development Goals
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Publication | 16 December 2023