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Vietnamese researchers explore randomized controlled trials in EfD workshop

Thirty-two Vietnamese researchers embarked on a journey into the world of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in a workshop organized by EfD on 3-4 November 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City. Under the guidance of Yonas Alem, the Director of Academic Programs at EfD, participants from different research backgrounds participated in insightful discussions, leaving the workshop with a refined understanding of RCT methodologies and their versatile applications.

Through the workshop, participants explored the principles and practices of RCTs, gaining profound insights into experimental design, data analysis, and result interpretation. Yonas Alem provided the attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in implementing RCT methods. The diverse backgrounds of participants, including economic research and environmental management, also contributed to a dynamic and collaborative learning environment.

“Will undertake more complex research”

The workshop's collaborative nature encouraged participants to share experiences and explore the different applications of RCTs. This exchange of insights not only enhanced theoretical foundations but also facilitated innovative discussions on real-world challenges.
"Dr. Yonas Alem's insights are invaluable. This workshop has broadened my understanding of RCTs and given me the confidence to undertake more complex research projects in the future." said Pham Ngoc Tham, PhD Student, UEH-ISS Joint Doctoral Program.

Praise for collaborative learning

As the workshop concluded, participants had a greater appreciation for the nuanced world of randomized controlled trials. The event not only expanded their theoretical understanding but also provided them with practical skills, enabling them to apply RCT methodologies effectively in their respective fields.

“This EfD-organized workshop is a testament to the ability of collaborative learning and expert guidance in shaping the research landscape for Vietnamese scholars exploring the realms of randomized controlled trials,” stated Pham Khanh Nam, Director of EfD Vietnam.

News | 22 November 2023