IGE fellows in a group photo after the meeting at Inyamat village
IGE fellows in a group photo after the meeting at Inyamat village

EfD Uganda established network and secretariat for inclusive green economy

EfD has run an extensive and ambitious program, the Inclusive Green Economy in Practice program, since 2020 in five East African countries. In Uganda over 20 senior public servants from government ministries, departments, and agencies have been trained since the start and a cohort of 2024 has also been recruited. The EfD-Mak center convened the alumni groups to discuss the formation of an IGE network in Uganda.

The alumni evening meeting, held at the Inyamat village in Kampala on February 23, also resolved to form an IGE secretariat in Uganda that will be implementing what is agreed on in the network.

The aim of the alumni network of IGE Fellows is to take stock of the capacity that has been built and continue the engagement and policy dialogue.

The alumni requested the organization of a high-level IGE breakfast meeting and that their ministers should be invited to attend. Uganda’s IGE Policy Engagement Specialist Peter Babyenda welcomed the initiative as it would be beneficial in promoting Uganda’s green growth strategy.

“When the IGE network is formed, we will also join the other regional IGE networks from Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Rwanda so that we can share experiences,” he said.

Fellows on the discussion table chaired by Peter Babyenda
Fellows on the discussion table chaired by Peter Babyenda

The secretariat will be responsible for implementing the IGE network resolutions and will be hosted at Makerere University. They will organize various interactions and continue to work for greening the country. Sida has already earmarked funds for the proposed Network and Secretariat.

“One positive result of being part of the IGE program is that our doors are open to government and their doors are open to us. We have created a lot of visibility for environmental and development issues. This program has helped us to bring the policymakers to interact freely with researchers,” Peter Babyenda said.

The fellows reported that they have implemented policies for greening the country. For example, the Kampala Capital City Authority has introduced a charging system for electricity motorcycles. The Ministry of Energy has established a strategy to distribute LPG in the country, building an LPG refilling center and reducing the electricity tariffs. The IGE Fellows from the National Planning Authority reported that they are preparing the National Development Plan IV and are making sure that green issues are being considered.

By Jane Anyango



News | 28 February 2024