Mauricio Oyarzo
Mauricio Oyarzo at the award ceremony. Photo: EfD Chile.

EfD Chile researcher is recognized for conducting high-impact research

The NENRE EfD-Chile researcher, Mauricio Oyarzo, has been awarded the second edition of the Research and Artistic Creation of Excellence Award by the Vice Chancellor of Research and Development (VRID) of the University of Concepción.

The award recognizes researchers that contribute to the status and positioning of the University, with the production of high-quality research that has high levels of impact in the research community and the policy sector. Moreover, researchers are recognized for their capacity on receiving funding support and for their contribution to the formation of advanced human capital. This impact must be relevant from both national and international perspectives.


Received two awards

Mauricio Oyarzo has been recognized in two categories - Initiation in Research, and Publication Impact - during a ceremony held by Dr. Carlos Saavedra, the Chancellor of UdeC, on December 7 in the Jaime Baeza auditorium at campus Concepción.

Regarding the first award, which considers early career researchers with experience up to five years after receiving their PhD, Mauricio was awarded for publishing in journals in the first quartile and with a high impact level at the Web of Science (WOS). Regarding the second award, the researcher has been salient during the last year on publishing in indexed journals at WOS that are also part of the first quartile and have a high impact level.

 “This award is necessary for researchers since it motivates us to keep doing research with high impact and quality, ” says Mauricio Oyarzo.

“This recognition is important for researchers who seek to provide public goods as part of their work which is clearly a very important strategic pillar for the Environment for Development Initiative”.

Mauricio Oyarzo
Mauricio Oyarzo receiving one of his awards with other UdeC researchers and Dr. Andrea Rodríguez (Vice Chancellor of Research and Development at UdeC)

Important for smaller campuses

This award is important in terms of decentralization since Mauricio Oyarzo is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Management (EAN) in campus Chillán, a smaller campus of UdeC that now belongs to a very new region of Chile (Región de Ñuble). UdeC Chillán hopes to increase its local impact with the support of high-quality scholars on the campus and the joint work of the regional government.


By Cristóbal Vásquez.

News | 15 December 2022