Mauricio Oyarzo at Colombian Universidad Nacional
Mauricio Oyarzo at Colombian Universidad Nacional

Chilean EfD fellow on research stay in Colombia for research collaboration

Mauricio Oyarzo, EfD researcher from Universidad de Concepción, recently completed a research stay at the Colombian Universidad Nacional, to collaborate on an EfD research project on gold mining in Colombia.

During his visit, Mauricio Oyarzo focused on studying gold mining in Colombia, analyzing its socioeconomic and spatial impacts. He worked in collaboration with Carlos Adrián Saldarriaga, project director, and other researchers from the university's Faculty of Humanities and Economics and the Department of Forest Sciences.

The main objective of the visit was to advance the research methodology and develop econometric models, in line with the EfD project guidelines. Additionally, Mauricio Oyarzo presented his research proposal for the Fondecyt Initiation 2025 program in the faculty's seminar series, receiving valuable feedback from the specialized audience.

Mauricio Oyarzo described his experience as highly enriching in the academic and research fields. The visit provided him with the opportunity to exchange ideas on econometric modeling of problems with temporal and spatial components and to receive feedback on this research project.

Mauricio Oyarzo at Colombian Universidad Nacional

By Belén Pulgar.


News | 19 April 2024