Swedish Community for Sustainable Finance Conference 2024

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Thursday 25 April — Friday 26 April, 2024
University of Gothenburg - The School of Economics, Business and Law, Vasagatan 1


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In an era where the global financial landscape is undergoing rapid transformation, promoting inclusion and diversity is imperative to ensure the sustainability and resilience of the financial sector. Diversity of thought and perspectives are catalysts for innovation and sound decision-making, which, in turn, fosters a more sustainable financial ecosystem. In recognition of these critical issues, we are delighted to announce the Conference on Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System.

Conference Topics

The conference is actively seeking papers on the theme ‘Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System’. The theme considers how the financial services industry has the potential to be a fundamental vehicle to promote sustainable business strategies for the future and function as a role model for other actors. This includes but is not limited to those who are employed in or who are consumers of financial services, financial services firms, related businesses and policy makers. We invite academics, practitioners, and policymakers to submit original research papers and case studies on the following topics, although submissions on other areas relating to the conference theme are also welcome: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Finance: Exploring the state of diversity and inclusion in the financial system, including but not limited to gender diversity (senior representation and pay gap), ethnic and cultural diversity and diversity of perspectives
  • Inclusive Leadership in Finance: Analysing the impact of inclusive leadership practices and the development of inclusive cultures within financial services institutions or related industries. 
  • Impact of Inclusion on Financial Performance: Assessing how diversity and inclusion policies influence financial performance and risk management. 
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability in the Financial System: Examining the potential synergy between inclusion and diversity initiatives and sustainability goals within the financial sector. 
  • Regulatory and Policy Frameworks: Evaluating the role of regulation and policy making in promoting diversity, inclusion and sustainability in finance. 
  • Financial Innovation for Sustainability: Investigating innovative financial products, services, and technologies (Fintech) designed to promote sustainability and inclusion. 
  • Individual and corporate investment and funding decision making in relation to sustainability (Environmental, social and governance, ’ESG’)., channelling funds and investments towards sustainable projects; integration of sustainability into financial firm practices. 

Keynote Speakers

Professor Claudia Girardone, Dean of Essex Business School, University of Essex

Claudia Girardone is Dean at Essex Business School and Professor of Banking and Finance. She holds several external academic positions, including as an Academic Fellow at the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance of the University of St Andrews. Professor Girardone’s research areas are on banks’ financial and social performance, banks’ corporate governance and stability, the industrial structure of banking and access to finance. She has published over 70 articles in books and peer-reviewed international journals, and she is a co-author of the textbook "Introduction to Banking" (Pearson, 2021). She was also joint Guest Editor of several Special Issues including: the British Journal of Management on "Corporate Governance in Extreme Institutional Environments"; and the Journal of Corporate Finance on "Diversity and Women in Finance". She has been a member of the Athena Swan Panel at Essex Business School since 2017, fostering equality and diversity in principles in research policies, practices and culture. 

Professor Rosie Campbell, Director of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, King’s College London

Roise Campbell is a Professor of Politics and Director of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at King’s College London. She held positions at Birkbeck and UCL before joining King’s in 2018. She has recently written on barriers to participation in politics, gendered patterns of support for the populist radical right and what voters want from their elected representatives. Her publications cover the subjects of voting behaviour, public opinion, the politics of diversity and political recruitment. She is the principal investigator of the ESRC funded Representative Audit of Britain, which surveyed all candidates standing in the 2015, 2017 and 2019 British General Elections. She has co-authored reports for the Fawcett Society, The Expert Panel on Electoral Reform for the Welsh Assembly, the EHRC, BBC Radio Four’s Woman’s Hour, The Electoral Commission, The Fabian Women’s Network and The Hansard Society. 


Dr Ylva Baeckström, King’s College London, UK
Dr Viktor Elliot, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Conference Paper Submission Process: 

You are invited to submit extended abstracts, papers in progress or full papers by Friday 9 February 2024. You will be informed of the decision by end of February 2024. Submissions from PhD students are also welcome. All submissions will undergo a peer-review process. Authors of accepted papers are expected to act as a discussant and or session chair. Please email your submission in PDF to:
Kindly submit one manuscript with full author details and an anonymised version. 

Best Paper Award

The conference committee will issue a best paper award at the end of the conference. 

European Journal of Finance [EJF] Special Issue:

Auothors of selected papers from the conference will have the opportunity to be invited to submit their paper for a special issue in the European Journal of Finance. This special issue will focus on the interplay between diversity, inclusion and sustainability in the financial system. Participation in the conference is not mandatory for submissions to the special issue. 

A call for papers will be sent to participants after the conference and will also be publicised by EJF. The opening and closing dates for the special issue will allow interested authors ample to revise papers after presentations at the conference. 

Special Issue Editors: 
Claudia Girardone
Professor of Banking and Finance & Dean at Essex Business School

Ylva Baeckström
Associate Professor of Finance
King’s Business School, King’s College London

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline: 18 February 2024
Notification of Acceptance by: 1 March 2024
Conference Dates: Thursday 25 April and Friday 26 April

Contact Information:
For any inquiries or additional information, please contact organizers on: 

Join us in exploring the intersection of inclusion, diversity, and sustainability in finance and help shape the future of the financial sector. We look forward to your contributions to this important discussion!

Event | 13 November 2023