ISS2024 is the 20th Annual conference of The International Joseph A. Schumpeter society.

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Sunday 9 June — Tuesday 11 June, 2024
University of Gothenburg


Maureen McKelvey
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The submission of extended abstracts is now open. Please see our website for more info:

“Transformation: Creative Accumulation and Creative Destruction in the Economy” is this year’s conference theme. Transformation as the theme focuses our attention upon change, which is a classical aspect of Schumpeter’s analysis of the economy and society. Creative accumulation and creative destruction refer to different organizational ways of creating transformation, either through large organizations or entrepreneurial ventures, respectively.  

Keeping in the spirit of the Schumpeter society, submitted papers can address a broad range of topics. Transformation and related notions of novelty, emerging challenges, and socio-economic change can be analyzed in different ways, perspectives and theoretical traditions. For example, papers are welcome which analyze industrial sectors, market systems, public policies, technologies, socio-economic contexts, history, geographical spatiality, amongst others. Due to Schumpeter’s interest in the individuals and organizations who are active in the creative accumulation and creative destruction, papers are also welcome on the micro-level of actors and agents who are engaged in activities like innovation, entrepreneurship, financing, R&D, and creating ecosystems. 

The International Joseph A. Schumpeter society will hold its 20th Annual conference – ISS2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The dates are Sunday 9th June to Tuesday 11th June, 2024.  


Maureen McKelvey, President of the Schumpeter Society 

on behalf of the ISS2024 Organizing Committee and Scientific Committees 

Gothenburg U-GOT KIES centre, University of Gothenburg, Sweden


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Event | 30 November 2023