Claes Ek
Claes Ek

EEU Seminar with Claes EK

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Monday 15 April — Monday 15 April, 2024
B44 or Zoom


Viking Lindberg
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The next EEU seminar will be held now on Monday the 15th of April at 12:10 – 13:15 in B44.


The seminar will be held by Claes EK. Claes is a senior lecturer at our department and he will present on the topic of Household waste, prosociality, and the welfare cost of nudging.


When: Monday, April 15th at 12:10-13:15
Where: B44
Speaker: Claes EK
Title: Household waste, prosociality, and the welfare cost of nudging.


Abstract: In a survey of some 3,700 Swedish households, we correlate an experimental measure of prosociality with self-stated measures of pro-environmental behavior and also household-level administrative data on collected amounts of residual waste. In both cases, we find a positive correlation. Moreover, self-stated and actual waste behaviors are themselves correlated, validating the self-reported measures. Finally, an incentive-compatible valuation module elicits household WTP for repeating an earlier social-comparison intervention, allowing us to isolate the utility impact of receiving such nudges. In most cases, this impact is positive, improving the intervention's net benefits compared to an analysis that ignores "shame and pride" effects.


If you want to join via Zoom, please use this Zoom-link.



Hope to see you there!

Event | 10 April 2024