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Call for Papers: SETI 2024 Annual Workshop

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Virtual, via Zoom


Cristóbal Vásquez

Call for Papers! SETI 2024 Annual Meeting

Deadline: April 21, 2024, 23:59 ET USA.

We are pleased to announce that the Ninth Annual Workshop of the Sustainable Energy Transitions Initiative (SETI) will take place from June 18-19 (2024), virtually via Zoom.

Submit your paper/extended abstract in the following link:

If you want to make an early registration as an attendee, please fill out this form (do not register here if you already submitted a manuscript/abstract):

We encourage two formats for submission this year, for works related to current issues in the global energy transition, including but not limited to any of the specific subtopics identified in the next section (About the topics of the workshop): 

  • Original research manuscripts on work that is well advanced, and
  • Extended abstracts on work in progress (<1,000 words).

The deadline for submitting manuscripts and extended abstracts is April 21 in the following link:

We also encourage researchers to submit ideas for policy sessions, featuring any of the following combinations of elements – keynote address, panel discussion, breakout sessions, moderated plenary discussion – also on the same sub-topics and themes of interest to the collaborative (see below). Visit the following link to submit ideas for such sessions by April 21 If you are not able to access any forms, please send the information to

We recommend you sending these ideas as soon as possible, given that the planning of these activities requires extra time. Keep in mind that policy sessions will take place online, allowing the participation of policymakers and practitioners from multiple countries at the same time. Then, multi-country policy sessions ideas are highly encouraged.

About the topics of the workshop

As with prior meetings, we are aiming to bring together leading experts working on the theme of sustainable energy transition from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and organizations, but with a strong emphasis on economics and policy. The meeting will likely consist of a set of presentations and comments by speakers and discussants, and/or sessions with practitioners and policymakers working on energy and development issues.

In terms of specific topics, we particularly welcome thought-pieces or synthetic work on 1) the nature and progress of energy transitions in LMICs; 2) the effectiveness of interventions aimed at reducing energy poverty in different contexts; and 3) the progress and potential of climate mitigation and adaptation policies in LMICs. We also encourage submissions related to the following priority SETI sub-topics:

  • Low carbon energy transition in the Global South, including policy levers and solutions to speed the transition, and analysis of their effectiveness.
  • Low carbon energy transition in Africa, with particular focus in Sub-Saharan- and Eastern-African countries.
  • The gender and energy transition nexus, including research on both the role of empowerment in facilitating energy transition and how energy transitions may themselves contribute to empowerment.
  • Consequences of energy poverty and impacts of energy transitions at various scales (households, firms, and the regional and global environment).
  • Drivers of the energy transition in low- and middle-income contexts, including lessons from past experiences.
  • Adoption and impacts of renewable and off-grid or micro-grid solutions.
  • Impacts and drivers of regional air pollution and the policy mechanisms used to manage air quality.
  • Multicountry studies in low carbon energy transition, with focus in the Global South.
  • Studies in the Global North that leverage knowledge for the solution of energy transition problems in the Global South.
  • New methods and data sources for measuring access to modern energy services.
  • Empirical evidence that speaks to other research gaps identified in the SETI systematic review of the broader literature on energy transitions. 

Participation in the workshop will be open and free to all, though pre-registration will be required.

More important information

For multiple submissions, please submit multiple forms. We will aim to notify those with accepted papers by late May. 

If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Cristóbal Vásquez (SETI’s Project Coordinator) at



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Event | 19 March 2024