Ethiopia Water Risk Assessment & Analytical Framework for Evaluating Response Strategies

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This is a collaborative study with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE), WRI and other partners to develop a water gap analysis in order to understand future water stress under policy-relevant scenarios. The two main themes of the project are:

Assess Water Risks to Growth and Development

  • Contribute to the development of policy-relevant scenarios for future water demand by supporting the review of government plans and socio-economic data to identify targets and trends relevant to water use. 
  • Conduct macro-economic modeling of the impact of water stress scenarios on sectoral productivity. 
  • Develop 2-3 case studies examining the impact of water stress scenarios on local/regional economies and populations. 

Prioritize Strategies for Water-Related Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Development

Analyze a set of response strategies identified in collaboration with project partners. Identify and collect  data and relevant literature for evaluating response strategies against a set of criteria identified and synthesize available evidence.

Project status
Project | 29 January 2020