Engendering behavioural change and incentive-based policy options for plastic waste reduction in Nigeria

Start date

In the project the Nigerian team is  working with  the Tanzanian team to develop a research proposal for a research project that will employ a lab-in-field experiment to study the behaviour of citizens regarding consumption of plastics and willingness to pay for taxes on plastics or accept compensation to switch to different alternatives in Nigeria. Also, we will learn from the drivers of success or failure of banning of single-use plastics in Tanzania and how that will be  relevant for policy in Nigeria. The study adopted the methodology of key informant interview and focused group discussions with stakeholders and practitioners in the plastic waste value chain for the collection of the relevant information using interview guides. At the end of the project, it is expected that we should be able to inform policy on plastic waste reduction/management in Nigeria and Tanzania, pursue advocacy and policy engagements with stakeholders, conduct workshops and publish the paper and report on the EfD website and reputable international journal.


Project status
Project | 10 November 2023