Building Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopia: Exploring Options for Action

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Existing research evidence shows that global warming leads to increasingly erratic weather patterns. Rainy seasons become harder to predict, and dry-spells often last longer. Ethiopia, a country already frequently exposed to weather shocks will be hit hard by these changes. With an estimated rural population of more than 80 million and a population growth rate of around 2.5% per year, Ethiopia needs to adapt to climate change and achieve significant increases in agricultural productivity over the next decades. The project will increase existing knowledge about the drivers of climate change resilience in Ethiopia. As existing knowledge on the topic is limited and fragmented, the project can be a future reference point for scholars, who wish to understand resilience to climate change. Second, the research outputs will inform policy-makers who plan future interventions through CRGE or other channels about which actions should be promoted to achieve the largest increases in resilience towards climate change.

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Project | 29 January 2020