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Jessica Arias-Gaviria, Verónica Valencia, Yris Olaya, Santiago Arango-Aramburo. 2021. “Abstract Buildings contribute to about 40% of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and more…”

7 July 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Colombia

Carlos A. Chávez, James J. Murphy, John K. Stranlund. 2021. “This work presents the results of framed field experiments designed to study the co-enforcement of…”

23 September 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Chile

Jorge H. García, Thomas Sterner. 2021. “Economists argue that carbon taxation (and more generally carbon pricing) is the single most…”

13 September 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Colombia, Sweden

Helen Hoka Osiolo. 2021. “Despite the importance of cost of capital and expected returns from investing on renewable…”

13 October 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Kenya

Chukwuone, N. A. and Amaechina, E. C.. 2021. “The study analyzes factors affecting climate change coping strategies and constraints experienced by…”

22 August 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Nigeria

Nnadi, O. I., Lyimo, J. G., Liwenga, E. T., and Madukwe, M. C.. 2021. “The interactions between prevailing gender gaps and climate variability and change (CVC) response…”

22 August 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Nigeria

Hoang-Anh Ho, Peter Martinsson, Ola Olsson. 2021. “AbstractCultural norms diverge substantially across societies, often within the same country. We…”

31 October 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Vietnam

Gebreheiwot, Tagel, Teklewold, Hailemariam, Bezabih, Mintewab, Seifemichael, Robel. 2021. “For smallholder subsistence farmers, it is difficult to undertake adequate ex-ante strategies to…”

16 August 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Ethiopia

Luis A. Guzman, Carlos Beltran, Jorge A. Bonilla, Santiago Gomez Cardona. 2021. “Abstract The changes in public transport ridership can be quantified as fare elasticities that are…”

11 August 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Colombia

Linda Berrio-Giraldo, Clara Villegas-Palacio, Santiago Arango-Aramburo. 2021. “Abstract The high dependence of human communities on ecosystems’ well-functioning has transformed…”

29 June 2021 | Peer Reviewed | Colombia