Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges of Integration into the Global Economy

17 March 2021

Development largely depends on how given places participate in global economic processes. The contributions to this book address various features of the integration of sub-Saharan Africa into the world economy via value chains, so as to explain corresponding challenges and opportunities. The book deals with five issues that have not been covered adequately in scientific debates: first, policies are essential to promote value chains and increase their impact on development; second, value chains are diverse, and the variance between them has major economic and political implications; third, regional value chains appear to constitute a viable alternative to global ones (or, at least, are complementary to them), promising better developmental outcomes for the Global South; fourth, political and socio-economic factors are important considerations for a complete assessment of value chains; fifth, cities and city regions are also crucial objects of study in seeking to achieve a comprehensive assessment of value chains.

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Scholvin, S., Black, A., Revilla Diez, J., & Turok, I. (Eds.). (2019). Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa. Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development. doi:10.1007/978-3-030-06206-4
Publication | 17 March 2021