Smart investment in global childcare requires local solutions and a coordinated research agenda

Peer Reviewed
1 September 2023

Alex Aliga, Tefera Darge Delbiso, Patricia Kitsao-Wekulo, Monica Lambon-Quayefio, Rachel Moussié, Amber Peterman, Natan Tilahun

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has re-emphasised the critical role of accessible, affordable and quality childcare to reduce and redistribute the gender unequal distribution of unpaid care work as an investment towards the well-being of children, women, families and society.

  • Smart investment in childcare and care systems in Africa requires context-specific and culturally appropriate local solutions driven by national stakeholders—including commitment by national governments to resource and build systems of public provision.

  • These investments must be guided and matched by nationally led evidence generation to fill research gaps and contribute to a coordinated agenda on childcare.

  • We propose four themes to build the foundation of a regional research agenda: (1) understanding the landscape of childcare coverage and demand; (2) unpacking ‘what works’ for whom over time; (3) building knowledge on implementation of scalable and locally adapted solutions and (4) answering macro-questions on policy, financing, systems and sustainability.

  • Coordinated national-led investment in childcare is needed in the Africa region and beyond—however, this alone is not a silver bullet and must be part of a larger effort to address structural barriers and catalyse systematic change across sectors to promote women’s social and economic empowerment.


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Aliga, A., Delbiso, T. D., Kitsao-Wekulo, P., Lambon-Quayefio, M., Moussié, R., Peterman, A., & Tilahun, N. (2023). Smart investment in global childcare requires local solutions and a coordinated research agenda. BMJ Global Health, 8(9), e012827.
Publication | 27 January 2024