Phase change: getting to a sustainable energy future in Vietnam

Book Chapter
13 March 2023

David Dapice, Phu V. Le, Thai-Ha Le

Over the years, Vietnam has been one of the most dynamic emerging countries in East Asia, with remarkable economic growth over the past three decades. The energy sector in general and electricity sector in particular play a key role in promoting and sustaining the country's socioeconomic development. However, the power sector has revealed weaknesses and shortcomings in its production and use of energy and electricity. The problem has emerged recently due to the exhaustion of domestic hydro, coal, and oil resources and the fast-growing carbon emissions in Vietnam. This study analyzes the supply and demand sides of electricity in Vietnam, reviews recent trends in the country's power development, and evaluates the challenges and opportunities facing the country's energy/electricity system. Finally, we propose a plan for how power could be produced to reduce the country's heavy dependence on imported coal and achieve growing levels of energy (electricity) security for its economic growth while, at the same time, addressing the carbon and other pollution problems.

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Dapice, D., Le, P. V., & Le, T.-H. (2022). Phase change. Handbook of Energy and Environmental Security, 109–125.
Publication | 13 March 2023