Financing a sustainable ocean economy

Peer Reviewed
8 June 2021

U. Rashid Sumaila, Ibrahim Issifu, Nobuyuki Yagi, Niels Vestergaard, Torsten Thiele, Durreen Shahnaz, Karen Sack, Dana Miller, Amanda Leland, Glenn Marie Lange, Katia Karousakis, Louise Heaps, Melissa Walsh, Timothy Fitzgerald, Beatrice Crona, Dominique Benzaken, Zuzy Anna, Wisdom Akpalu, Patrízia Abdallah, Louise Teh, Anthony Cox, Kelly Hoareau, Junjie Zhang

AbstractThe ocean, which regulates climate and supports vital ecosystem services, is crucial to our Earth system and livelihoods. Yet, it is threatened by anthropogenic pressures and climate change. A healthy ocean that supports a sustainable ocean economy requires adequate financing vehicles that generate, invest, align, and account for financial capital to achieve sustained ocean health and governance. However, the current finance gap is large; we identify key barriers to financing a sustainable ocean economy and suggest how to mitigate them, to incentivize the kind of public and private investments needed for topnotch science and management in support of a sustainable ocean economy.

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Publication reference
Sumaila, U. R., Walsh, M., Hoareau, K., Cox, A., Teh, L., Abdallah, P., … Zhang, J. (2021). Financing a sustainable ocean economy. Nature Communications, 12(1). doi:10.1038/s41467-021-23168-y
Publication | 9 June 2021