Energy-efficient technologies help micro and small enterprises reduce their electricity consumption

Research Brief
1 April 2024

Sied Hassen, Abebe Damte


 This brief is based on results from the study Energy Demand and Energy efficiency and Conservation Practices of Manufacturing Industries in Ethiopia, EfD Study (MS-761) by Sied Hassen and Abebe Damte. 

Do micro and small enterprises’ use of energy-efficient technologies and conservation practices help them reduce their monthly electricity consumption? We provide insights from the energy consumption and micro and small enterprises project in Ethiopia, based on data collected by the Policy Studies Institute, Ethiopia.


From the study, we found that: 

  • Micro and small enterprises’ use of energy-efficient technologies increased to 72% in 2020. 
  • Non-users of efficiency and conservation measures consume on average 40% more electricity than users. 
  • Enterprises that use energy-efficient technologies consume about 215kwh less than users of conservation method 
  • This calls for the inclusion of micro and small enterprises in Ethiopia’s Energy Auditing program, which are currently excluded. 


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Publication reference
EfD RB MS 761
Publication | 29 April 2024