The cost of commercial motorcycle accidents in Uganda

Peer Reviewed
4 April 2019

Richard Sebaggala, Fred Matovu, Dan Ayebale, Vincent Kisenyi, Messarck Katusiimeh

Understanding the cost of the road traffic accidents (RTAs) has been of interest to many scholars and policy makers for a long time. In Uganda like many developing countries in 2 Africa, injuries due to motorcycle accidents represent a major but often neglected emerging public health problem and contribute significantly to the overall road traffic injuries. This research study therefore explored the costs of motorcycle accidents and the pain, grief and sufferings of the motorcycle accident victims using a multi-method approach. Unlike many studies on cost of accidents which use the traditional human capital approach, this study in addition to the human capital approach, applied the Willingness-to-pay (WTP) approach to estimate the cost of motorcycle accidents. WTP method was used to estimate the value that boda boda riders would pay for reducing the risk of loss of life based on Contingent Valuation (CV) method. We extend the analysis to also explore the key coping mechanisms adopted by the Boda-boda riders amidst the challenges the riders face when they suffer motorcycle accidents

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Sebaggala, R., Matovu, F., Ayebale, D., Kisenyi, V., & Katusiimeh, M. (2019). The cost of commercial motorcycle accidents in Uganda. Economic Transformation for Poverty Reduction in Africa, 284–306. doi:10.4324/9780429268939-14
Publication | 7 May 2020