Conducting large, repeated, multi-game economic experiments using mobile platforms

Peer Reviewed
28 April 2021

Zhi Li, Po-Hsuan Lin, Si-Yuan Kong, Dongwu Wang, John Duffy

We demonstrate the possibility of conducting synchronous, repeated, multi-game economic decision-making experiments with hundreds of subjects in-person or remotely with live streaming using entirely mobile platforms. Our experiment provides important proof-of-concept that such experiments are not only possible, but yield recognizable results as well as new insights, blurring the line between laboratory and field experiments. Specifically, our findings from 8 different experimental economics games and tasks replicate existing results from traditional laboratory experiments despite the fact that subjects play those games/task in a specific order and regardless of whether the experiment was conducted in person or remotely. We further leverage our large subject population to study the effect of large (N = 100) versus small (N = 10) group sizes on behavior in three of the scalable games that we study. While our results are largely consistent with existing findings for small groups, increases in group size are shown to matter for the robustness of those findings.

EfD Authors
Publication reference
Li, Z., Lin, P.-H., Kong, S.-Y., Wang, D., & Duffy, J. (2021). Conducting large, repeated, multi-game economic experiments using mobile platforms. PLOS ONE, 16(4), e0250668.
Publication | 21 March 2022