The Changing Employment Landscape in Uganda

Peer Reviewed
6 October 2023

The employment landscape in Uganda and across the globe has continued to change at an unprecedented rate. This has mostly manifested in employment shifts within and between sectors. A large share of Labour force has shifted towards the service sub-sectors with a corresponding shift away from agriculture and other goods-producing sectors. Employment intensities of growth were estimated in this study to ascertain whether employment shifts have occurred in Uganda and also establish the causes of the variations using multivariate regression and autoregressive distributed lag modelling. The study established that there is no evidence of sectoral employment shifts in Uganda. The agriculture sector has the least employment intensity of growth followed by the industry and the service sectors. Trade and repairs, arts, entertainment & recreation, cash crop, food crop, construction, and manufacturing have the highest employment intensity of growth.

Kurayish Ssebulime Ibrahim Mike Okumu Edward Bbaale

Sustainable Development Goals
Publication | 12 January 2024