WinEED in Nigeria
Participants at WinEED workshop in Nigeria

WinEED training encourages women researchers in Nigeria

WinEED collaborative program has raised hope for more women in Nigeria to participate in grant writing and research activities in the field of environmental economics.

Over 20 women researchers in Nigeria were trained at a writing workshop organized by WinEED at EfD Nigeria from 17th -21st April 2023.  The training also included an interactive session with women undergraduates in economics.

WiNEED Workshop in Nigeria
An interactive session involving some participants and resource persons at WinEED workshop in Nigeria. Photo: Inya Agha Egwu

WinEED is a collaborative program established by EfD network to improve participation of women in research, especially in the field of environmental economics.

Builds capacity for research leadership

Dr Maria Del Pilar Lopez., the coordinator of WinEED, said that the objective of the collaborative program is to “build a pipeline and enhance the capacity of women from the Global South to take on research leadership in environmental economics for poverty alleviation.”

WiNEED Workshop in Nigeria
Director of EfD Nigeria, Dr Nnaemka Chukwuone, making remarks at the birthday celebration of Dr. Maria Del Pilar Lopez., the coordinator of WinEED. Photo: Inya Agha Egwu

“WinEED also targets to build the capacity of female researchers, especially the young ones, for substantive leadership, including serving as principal investigators and mentors within the EfD network and beyond,” Maria Lopez said.

The goal of the WinEED program, according to Maria Del Pilar Lopez, is to have at least, forty percent participation of women in research activities, including those undertaking graduate studies.

WiNEED Workshop in Nigeria
Women in Environmental Economics (WinEED) after their courtesy visit on the management of the University of Nigeria, the host institution of EfD Nigeria. Photo: Inya Agha Egwu

The workshop was organized to increase the writing skills of the participants and prepare them for front roles in grant applications within and outside the EfD network.  Similar workshops are scheduled to be held at other centers in the EfD network.

Got confident to write grant-winning proposals

Chikaosolu Ileka, one of the participants said the outcome of the workshop was very special to her.

“The workshop helped me horn my creativity in writing. I saw how I could develop my ideas to be more impactful, especially in policy formulation.”

WiNEED Workshop in Nigeria
Nigerian WinEED team celebrating with Dr, Maria Del Pilar Lopez., the Coordinator of WinEED on her birthday.

“I used to be afraid of presenting my proposals to senior colleagues for correction, but I got some helpful tips from the workshop. It was quite easy to talk to the facilitators. I think I am more confident.”

Angela Chidinma Igwe, another participant said that she was able to develop a proposal after the workshop which she hopes will be successful.  

“I got insight on how to write grant-winning proposals. This is quite fascinating to me,” Angela Chidinma Igwe said. 

Angela Chidinma Igwe believes that her research could help safeguard the environment and influence policy to make things better and easy for women, especially the young ones.  


By Inya Agha Egwu

News | 2 May 2023