Fisherfolk are seen sorting out fish at the sea shore
A core motivation behind this collaborative initiative is to enhance the well-being of fisherfolk in Ghana and Nigeria, where numerous households rely on the sea for sustenance and livelihoods. Photo: EfD Ghana

Two EfD centers collaborate towards a fisheries management plan for Nigeria

Ghana and EfD Nigeria are implementing a joint project that aims to transfer knowledge and best practices from Ghana to Nigeria, leading to the development and implementation of Nigeria’s first fisheries management plan. The plan will support a more effective data-driven regulation of Nigeria’s fishing efforts. The project team members, researchers from the two centers, are delighted to work together and leverage their unique strengths for enhanced impact.

“Beyond the ultimate aim of transferring knowledge, this joint project is an opportunity to learn from others and foster meaningful relationships that would potentially foster more collaborations in the future,” says EfD Ghana’s Dr. Kwami Adanu, one of the researchers.

The project, titled "Enhancing fisheries policy initiatives in Nigeria based on EfD Ghana experiences: The blueprint for developing Fisheries Management Plan (FMP) for Nigeria” is motivated by the need to address the challenges posed by open-access fisheries and Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing in Nigeria. Drawing on EfD Ghana's successful experiences in designing and implementing a fisheries management plan, the project seeks to equip Nigerian policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders from Nigeria’s Federal Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security with the necessary tools and insights for effective fisheries management.

Key activities within the project include in-depth interactions between researchers and policymakers from both countries, hands-on training, and peer learning on simple bioeconomic analysis. One of the primary deliverables is formulating a fisheries management plan specifically tailored for small pelagic species in Nigeria. The plan is expected to play an important role in addressing the transboundary nature of fisheries and fostering cooperation among policymakers in the West African region.

The collaborative effort between EfD Ghana and EfD Nigeria highlights the importance of shared knowledge and expertise in addressing complex regional challenges. The project team members from EfD Nigeria are Nnaemaka Chukwuone, Amaechina Ebele, Ifeonu Chidinma Frances and Onyia Chukwuemeka Chiebom. Those from EfD Ghana are Wisdom Akpalu, Kwami Adanu, and Mark Senanu Kudzordzi.

By Vicentia Quartey

News | 11 January 2024