team of researchers
Peter Babyenda (middle) with research assistants at Kasagana Forest Plantation, Nakasongola District. Photo: EfD Uganda.

Team of EfD researchers will study effects of forest plantation in Uganda

A team of researchers from EfD Uganda at the Makerere University, led by Peter Babyenda have commenced a survey to establish the socio-economic and forest-cover impacts of forest plantations in various districts of Uganda. These forest plantations have been undertaken by both the government on its own and under public-private partnerships.

The results from this study will be shared with the National Forestry Authority and other stakeholders in the forest sector with the major aim of influencing policy and encouraging more afforestation projects in the country. These are important to reduce pressure on natural forests, increase green cover, minimize the effects of climate change, create employment, and provide other forest products such as timber, and fuel among others.

News | 9 June 2023