Stakeholders workshop for Inclusive Green Economy
Stakeholders workshop for Inclusive Green Economy
Group Discussion during IGE stakeholders workshop
Group Discussion during IGE stakeholders workshop
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Stakeholders discussed perspectives on reforms for reduced biomass dependence in Tanzania

The IGE Tanzania team organized a one-day stakeholders’ workshop designed to provide a platform for facilitating learning, sharing ideas, and gaining a deeper understanding of stakeholders’ perspectives on how to make a transition to clean energy and reduced dependence on biomass socially acceptable and inclusive.

The workshop was held on 22nd November 2023 at Tex Palace Hotel in Morogoro.  The event acted as an avenue for sharing experiences, learning, and networking including brainstorming on the next theme/focus on sustainable energy transitions and potential IGE organizations.

The workshop attracted participants directly engaged in the energy transition from the government ministries, departments, agencies, academia, private sectors, and media. Those participants had a role in energy transitions and specifically in biomass dependency reduction from their institutions.

Aloyce Hepelwa a senior research fellow, presented a keynote speech to address the historical background of the Inclusive Green Economy in Practice program (IGE) and how it was successfully implemented over the past two years. Remidius Ruhinduka, a senior research fellow, shared a practical experience from the studies.

The senior civil servants who participated in the program, so-called IGE fellows, led the groups in discussions and came up with the key points on transformative initiatives as a way forward from this exemplary workshop.

Paul Lyimo from the National Carbon Monitoring Centre (NCMC) said that the workshop stands as a pivotal element within the overarching Inclusive Green Economy (IGE) program and their involvement underlined their unwavering commitment to facilitating Tanzania’s proactive participation in potential international carbon trading mechanisms, ultimately aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Read the NCMC report from the workshop!

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News | 27 November 2023