Richard Mulwa
Professor Richard Mulwa

Richard Mulwa joins the Climate Strategies team

Richard Mulwa, Center Director of EfD Kenya, was admitted as a member of the Climate Strategies team in April 2023. Climate Strategies is an international not-for-profit research network addressing climate change and environmental challenges. It brings together leading academics, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders from around the world to collaborate on finding innovative solutions and strategies to tackle climate change.

Joining Climate Strategies signifies recognition of expertise in climate change research and policy analysis, offers opportunities for collaboration and influence, provides access to valuable resources, enhances networking and visibility, and allows for meaningful contributions to global efforts in addressing climate change.

Focuses on a just transition.

Richard Mulwa is dedicated to research on critical topics such as sustainable energy transitions and just transitions and has published constructive contributions on the subject. He has been engaged in the ongoing “South-to-South Just Transitions" project of Climate Strategies. The project focuses on promoting sustainable transitions in developing countries and aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among countries in the Global South to support just transition efforts. The project is driven by the understanding that by sharing experiences and lessons learned among countries in the Global South, they can collectively develop effective strategies and policies for just transitions.

Opens up opportunities.

By recognizing climate change as a significant threat to the planet and all its inhabitants, Climate Strategies emphasizes the importance of governments meeting the temperature target outlined in the Paris Agreement. The organization believes that creating a fair and sustainable future necessitates bridging the gap between researchers who possess deep knowledge about the multifaceted impacts of the crisis and those in positions of power who can implement effective solutions.

“I am delighted to be admitted as a member of Climate Strategies.  This is an important milestone and recognition for my research in climate change and low-carbon transitions. The membership opens opportunities for interaction and collaboration with top global researchers in the field. I am grateful to climate strategies,” Richard Mulwa commented.

Richard Mulwa is an esteemed Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy at the University of Nairobi. He serves as the Center Director at EfD Kenya. Richard Mulwa teaches at the Faculty of Law and the Department of Economics and Development Studies.

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By Jane Maina

News | 25 May 2023