Carlos Chávez - Source: FENUdeTalca
Carlos Chávez. Photo: FENUdeTalca

Researcher Carlos Chávez appointed as a member of Chilean Environmental Council

Carlos Chávez, an EfD research fellow and professor at the University of Talca in Chile, was appointed by the Chilean President, Gabriel Boric, as a member of the National Council for Sustainability and Climate Change (CNSCC), an organization that addresses various issues related to environmental policies in the country.

The CNSCC of the Ministry of the Environment is the entity responsible for supplying pronouncements on several environmental issues. It renewed its members for the period 2024-2026 and Carlos Chávez will join it representing the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities (Cruch).

"The Council is a very important forum for citizen participation and I am very honored to represent the scientific community of the Council of Rectors in it," said Carlos Chávez. 

“The CNSCC recognizes the right of people to participate in developing legislation, government policies, plans, programs, and actions related to the matter.”


Citizen participation in environmental legislation

Members can express their opinions on various aspects related to environmental policies in the country, follow regulatory and citizen participation processes, collect concerns from society, and present them to the designers and executors of environmental policy.

"It’s a formal and transparent space for society to debate and reflect on various environmental issues," added Carlos Chávez.


Main objectives and concerns

Air pollution, water scarcity, and problems associated with the management and conservation of ecosystems are some of the main challenges that the Council will focus on according to Carlos Chávez, as well as analysis, reflection, and debate on new regulatory or normative initiatives and also on climate change adaptation plans.

Click here for more information about the National Council for Sustainability and Climate Change (governmental information available in spanish).

By Belén Pulgar.

News | 15 March 2024