Eden Seyoum
Eden Seyoum. Photo: Private.

“The program really enhanced my knowledge”

Eden Seyoum is one of the participants from the first cohort of the Inclusive Green Economy in Practice program. Now, being part of the IGE alumni network, she reflects on her experiences from the program.

Please tell us about your work at the Ministry of Industry!

I’m a Senior Climate Change Expert. I work with environmental issues, supporting industries regarding energy efficiency, renewable energy, cleaner production, and solid and liquid waste management.

What was your IGE transformation initiative (assignment) about?

It was about an energy management program for manufacturing industries. Energy is a significant production cost for many industries, but still, there is a lack of awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency. I prepared a capacity-building workshop for manufacturing industries together with other ministries.

The IGE program really enhanced my knowledge and helped me with the preparations.  

What are your most important takeaways from the IGE program?

It was an excellent program. It made us share experiences both nationally and cross-country. We focused on three themes: plastic pollution, fossil fuels, and deforestation.

We discussed policies, such as incentives, subsidies, and taxes. Afterward, we discussed within the department, that is in charge of revising the industrial incentive mechanism guidelines, how to incorporate green incentives, such as tax exemptions for industries that import equipment for wastewater treatment and energy-efficient machinery. The document has not been finalized and implemented yet, but we hope to do so.

One very interesting thing we learned is the need for aligning policies between neighboring countries. For example, when one country banned the production of charcoal, people started to import it from other countries, so the ban was toothless.

Have you stayed in touch with your peers in the IGE program?

Yes, we meet now and then, both in person and on digital platforms. It’s a valuable network. I also encourage my colleagues to join the program to expand the network further.


By: Petra Hansson

News | 31 January 2024