IGE fellows. Photo: EfD Kenya
IGE fellows. Photo: EfD Kenya

Past and current IGE fellows convene to chart path for stronger alumni network

Previous Kenyan participants in the Inclusive Green Economy (IGE) program joined forces with the country’s 2023 cohort of IGE fellows to strategize the future trajectory of the esteemed program. Seven IGE alumni participated alongside the 2023 fellows. Several discussions to help develop a strong IGE alumni were raised. The convening took place at Argyle Grand Hotel, on March 20th, 2024.

The participants of the meeting agreed that each IGE cohort appoints a team leader. The responsibility of the leaders is to mobilize members to participate in network’s activities. They will also directly liaise with the policy engagement specialist (PES) for ease of communication.

Embracing out-of-town meetings

The members suggested organizing out-of-town meetings to encourage more attendance of the IGE alumni as it offers a more relaxed setting. They also highlighted the need to incorporate key activities in line with IGE such as tree planting.

Crafting a calendar of events

The participants also agreed to create a schedule of events with 2 or 3 activities for each quarter of the year to enhance involvement. For instance, generating statements concerning contemporary environmental issues. Regular meetings will also be conducted to ensure the achievement of quarterly objectives.

Involving alumni in fellowship recruitment

They also proposed the inclusion of IGE alumni in the recruitment process of new IGE fellows. The alumni play a pivotal role in knowing suitable fellows to engage having garnered a firsthand understanding of program expectations. This will enrich the selection process and ensure the fellows are aligned with the program's vision.

Facilitating research collaborations

The meeting encouraged the IGE alumni to partner with the support team if they had viable research concepts. Given their involvement in policy implementation, the alumni could offer research ideas that support the advancement of IGE objectives. They would then be matched with EfD researchers to co-create proposals aimed at securing EfD funding.


By: Jane Maina

News | 23 April 2024