IGE workshop
Experience Sharing by IGE fellows
Experience Sharing by IGE fellows
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Participants in the Inclusive Green Economy program shared experiences with colleagues

EfD Ethiopia organized a Training-of-Trainers workshop where the previous participants in the Inclusive Green Economy (IGE) program of 2022, IGE Fellows, shared their experiences with other senior civil servants. The IGE Fellows have taken part in workshops, training, peer learning, and individual initiatives and now they shared their learnings from the program with their colleagues.  

The workshop was held on February 16, 2023, in collaboration with Senior Research Fellows and IGE Policy Engagement Specialists from EfD Ethiopia and the 2022 IGE fellows.

The IGE fellows stated the capacity development program on Inclusive Green Economy they had participated in has helped them to understand what IGE is and what is required to effectively implement different policy instruments that support an inclusive green transition.

IGE fellows explained why IGE is necessary as well as how IGE is being implemented in Ethiopia.

They also presented a successful implementation of an economic policy instrument, the tax exemption on e-vehicles in Ethiopia, which is a good example of a best practice and was initiated by one of the IGE Fellows.

Furthermore, the importance of social inclusion, a factor that needs to be considered for IGE policy acceptance and methods to understand public support was highlighted during the workshop. 

Ethiopia’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, NDC, was also presented to make participants aware of the country’s 10-year plan (2021-2030), its targets, prioritized sectors, and policy interventions to achieve Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) strategy.

Following the presentations, the senior research fellows facilitated discussions  focusing on the following:

  • How to ensure the sustainability of the IGE program;
  • How to improve the support provided to IGE fellows; and
  • How to sustainably engage IGE organizations.

Finally, a ceremony was organized to issue certificates to the IGE fellows in recognition of their effort and accomplishment of the training.

News | 21 February 2023