Kenneth Kigundu Macharia.. Photo: EfD Kenya.

Kenneth Kigundu Macharia earns his doctorate in Economics.

Kenneth Kigundu Macharia successfully graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Nairobi on Friday, 22nd September 2023. Presently, he holds a position as a lecturer at Chuka University and is an active researcher of Environment for Development Kenya.

Kenneth Kigundu Macharia graduated with his first degree as top in his class and faculty at Chuka University in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2013. His exceptional performance earned him a teaching assistant position and a scholarship for a master's degree, which he completed in 2016. Subsequently, he was promoted to assistant lecturer. Driven by a thirst for knowledge, he embarked on the path to pursue a Ph.D. scholarship. In 2017, he successfully secured the African Economic and Research Consortium (AERC) scholarship. As part of this collaborative program, he journeyed to the University of Darlesum in Tanzania for coursework before returning to the University of Nairobi for his research. Kenneth expresses gratitude for having supportive and cooperative supervisors who provided invaluable mentorship throughout his research journey.

Reshapes your way of thinking

Kenneth provides valuable advice and tips for junior researchers and students, especially those considering pursuing a Ph.D. First, he notes that “pursuing a Ph.D. reshapes one’s way of thinking as it exposes you to different challenges in academia”. He acknowledges that the journey is not without its challenges and demands and highlights that one requires resilience, focus, devotion of both effort and time, and most importantly interaction with resourceful people.

Studies clean cooking and lighting issues

Kenneth Kigundu Macharia has a passion for environmental and natural resource matters. Specifically, on energy issues, a focal point in his Ph.D. thesis. His current research focus is on the adoption of clean cooking and lighting technology, delving into understanding the determinants useful in adoption and identifying potential hindrances.

The most significant research challenge and solution

Kenneth Kigundu Macharia encountered difficulties in getting the necessary commands to execute the Stochastic energy input distant function model, which assesses the level of energy efficiency in manufacturing firms. In response, he decided to reach out to the inventors of the commands through email. He was pleased to find that they promptly responded, providing him with the necessary commands and supplementary literature materials. This assistance facilitated a smooth execution of the estimation process.


By: Jane Maina


News | 21 November 2023