Some participants in the meeting. Photo: Asaye Ketema.

Ethiopia IGE fellows gather to discuss the establishment of IGE alumni network

EfD Ethiopia organized a workshop to discuss how to establish a robust and vibrant network of IGE fellows, researchers, and the broader community. The aim of the network is interaction between different actors in the IGE program and support joint learning for short- and long-term impact that goes beyond the duration of the program.

The IGE capacity development program aims to strengthen national capacity to create an Inclusive Green Economy (IGE). Since the start of the program in 2021, fourteen civil servants, so-called IGE fellows, from the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water and Energy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Transport and Logistics, Ministry of Finance, and Environmental Protection Authority have participated in the in-service training program.

Discussed how to keep it active and relevant

As part of the capacity development process, the IGE programs also aim to establish a robust and vibrant network of IGE fellows, researchers, and the broader community. Thus, EfD Ethiopia organized a half-day workshop to discuss with the previous and currently enrolled IGE fellows as well as Senior Research Fellows (SRFs) the overall objective and activities required to establish the planned IGE Program network.

The discussions focused, among other things on how to keep the network active and vibrant to achieve its vision and purpose. IGE fellows and SRFs agreed that an active and sustainable network is important for sharing information on issues related to an inclusive green economy. They also provided valuable comments on how to

  • Ensure sustainability, advocacy, and management of the network;
  • Build relationships between alumni at the national and regional levels,
  • Mobilize domestic and international resources to implement different activities like organizing annual meetings, site visits, supporting community-level projects, etc;
  • Reward and incentivize members of the network;
  • Archive and document activities conducted IGE program; and
  • Identify the suitable institution to host the IGEP network;

Finally, the IGE fellows and SRF agreed to discuss the outcome at a regional level to have a common agreement before developing the guideline and strategy for the network.


By: Asaye Ketema.

News | 7 August 2023