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EfD Tanzania´s policy day focused on Marine resources

EfD Tanzania's policy day 2018 had the theme “conservation and sustainable use of Tanzania's Marine resources" in line with 2018 world environmental day and the SDG14.

"Currently, marine pollution, overfishing, and uncontrolled small scale fishing , threatens the sustainability of the fisheries sector, a resource base on which many Tanzanian poor coastal communities depend"

The remark was made  by Dr. Hamisi Nikuli on behalf of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in Tanzania. In his opening remarks, he also noted to be impressed by the objective of EfD to support development and reducing poverty for sustainable development through capacity building in policy making process. He also called on all research institutions to forge good links between researchers and policy makers which will facilitate easy access of science based guidelines and strategies for resolving the existing challenges.

The objective of the policy day was to stimulate dialogue in order to support research and policy in Tanzania, and provide input in the recently introduced EfD collaborative marine program. The 40 participants from government ministries, development partners, academia and media  had the opportunity to interact and discuss how Tanzania can foster conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. The discussions were made around regulation, management, marine pollution (plastic pollution, solid waste management), fish stocks (sustainable fishing, overfishing), aquaculture, degradation of habitats (due to economic activities, climate change) and gender issues.

Dr. Hamisi Nikuli added that the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries is ready to receive research findings that will facilitate development of fishing industry as well as to see copies of journals, newsletters, abstract and others at the ministry for policy makers to use them in their routines.

The 2018 World Environment Day, which is an international platform to raise public awareness on various issues related to environmental conservation worldwide, introduced the global theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution”. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations (UN) includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among these, SDG14 is about life under water and pledges to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development” by 2030.

About the event: The Policy day was organized by EfD Tanzania and brought together 40 participants from government ministries, development partners, academia and media. Venue: Julius Nyerere International Convention Center in Dar as Salaam, Tanzania. Date: September 11th, 2018. Related information: See the story in media here Read more about EfDs Marine Research Program



News | 15 September 2018