Marcela Jaime
Marcela Jaime is Center Director of NENRE EfD-Chile.

EfD researcher recognized for her academic career

The University Of Concepción (UdeC), the host institution of EfD Chile, had a grand exposition opening called “Women Creating Knowledge” to commemorate Women’s International Day. Marcela Jaime, Director of EfD Chile, was invited to be acknowledged alongside fellow researchers from the university. 

“It is important to encourage interest in science from childhood when gender roles have not yet been established. We must contribute to reducing the existing gaps, encouraging the interest and participation of girls and young people in all disciplines,” said Marcela Jaime.

Recognition of women researchers at UdeC

Sharing a message on gender equality

Marcela Jaime also published a video on NENRE’s social media regarding EfD’s work on gender equality for new generations on Women’s International Day.

Marcela Jaime on the Women's International Day

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Marcela’s academic career
Marcela Jaime is an Associate Professor at the School of Business and Administration (UdeC), doing research in the areas of Environmental Economy, Sustainable Energy Transitions, Residue Management, Natural Resources Economics, Economic Development, among others; and she has participated in many environment-related investigation projects and publications.
Some of the projects where Marcela participates currently:
* Project EfD MS-1142. Market and social sustainability of aquaculture: Communities’ and consumers’ perceptions of the farmed seafood industry. Funded by: Environment for Development Initiative (EfD). January 2022 – December 2023. Associated researcher.
* Project EfD MS-1144. Environmental efficiency spillover and externalities of aquaculture farms: Analyses of key aquaculture industries in Vietnam and Chile. Environment for Development Initiative (EfD). January 2022 – December 2023. Associated researcher.
* Project IDRC. Low carbon transitions and gender equity in the global south. Funded by: International Development Research Center (IDRC). October 2021 – March 2023. Associated researcher and leader of the Energy chapter. 
* Project Marine Program EfD. Marine plastic pollution research program. Funded by: Environment for Development Initiative (EfD). August 2018 - 2024. Associated researcher.

By Belén Pulgar and Cristóbal Vásquez.

News | 17 March 2023