EfD Nigeria's training
Participants at the training. Photo: EfD Nigeria.

EfD Nigeria researchers trained on interdisciplinary approaches to research

Researchers at EfD Nigeria have received training on how to integrate research methodologies between the areas of climate change, food systems, and environmental sustainability to solve complex research problems.

The one-day training was anchored by Ifeoma Anugwa, an EfD researcher who recently participated in a regional workshop organized by the Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health (ANH) Academy of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The workshop, held in South Africa, emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to address critical issues in agriculture, nutrition, and health.

Ifeoma Anugwa shared the knowledge and insights she gained from the regional workshop with her colleagues at EfD Nigeria on May 22, 2024.

Aims to address complex challenges

The training at EfD Nigeria involved twenty-four researchers from the center, who want to enhance their skills in conducting interdisciplinary research. 

 "By incorporating interdisciplinary research approaches, we aim to advance our understanding and ability to provide solutions to complex challenges such as climate change and sustainable food systems," Ifeoma Anugwa said.

The training was co-facilitated by EfD researchers Chidi Nzeadibe and Ebele Amaechina. It included a mix of lectures, engagement activities, and group exercises where participants brainstormed ideas and discussed ways to collaborate on potential interdisciplinary projects.   

Researchers are committed to applying knowledge

β€œThe training opened my eyes to collaborate with researchers in different disciplines to solve problems. I am currently working with a team of researchers in agriculture and bioresources engineering to develop marketing and business plans for their project,” said Nwafe Francis, one of the beneficiaries of the training.   

The training concluded with a commitment from participants to apply the newly acquired skills and methodologies in their ongoing and future research endeavors.

 EfD Nigeria plans to continue organizing similar capacity-building initiatives to further strengthen its researchers' capabilities in tackling complex issues affecting Nigeria and beyond.

News | 25 June 2024