Some participants at the annual meeting of EfD Ghana members held in January 2023.
Some participants at the annual meeting of EfD Ghana members held in January 2023.
View from surveillance camera
View from surveillance camera. Photo: EfD Ghana.
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EfD Ghana research advocacy gets results as Ghana installs video cameras on industrial vessels

The Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, Ghana has formally announced the use of electronic monitoring systems or videos on industrial vessels as part of measures to control illegal fishing activities and conserve Ghana’s fisheries resources. EfD Ghana welcomes the new policy which it counts as one of the most fulfilling rewards yet of its enduring efforts to promote innovative approaches and transparency in addressing harmful fishing practices in Ghana.

The Director, Prof. Wisdom Akpalu said, “It is encouraging to see this long-anticipated policy on video monitoring come into force. I acknowledge and thank colleagues at EfD Ghana and other fisheries-focused research entities for their continued efforts.”

“A profitable and sustainable fisheries industry that can guarantee a reliable source of food and livelihood for current and future generations are worthy goals to persist in pursuing. Let’s be encouraged to work even harder toward realizing them.”

The new electronic monitoring system will complement measures such as closed fishing season, and the regulation of fishing gear which have also featured prominently in EfD Ghana research and advocacy efforts.

EfD Ghana has and continues to make important contributions in the sector through research, capacity building, policy advice, and by illuminating the ongoing debate with informed insights.

Fisheries issues have been a central part of EfD Ghana's activities, some recent activites, as highlighted on the research center's web page include:  Government fisheries officials benefit from joint training by EfD-Mak and EfD Ghana, EfD Ghana hosts Fisheries Commission experts to discuss emerging issues, EfD-Ghana leads the way in data-based fisheries management in Ghana, attracts local and international attention, “Data is key for trust, profitability, and sustainability in the fisheries sector”

For more details on the new fisheries policy, please read the full media report here.


By: Vicentia Quartey

News | 4 June 2023