The session facilitated exchanges that reinforced participants' understanding of the significance of effective communication and clarified the support expected from them in this regard.

EfD Ghana equips researchers with practical communication tips

EfD Ghana arranged a communication training session for researchers, recognizing their role not only as contributors of valuable evidence-based insights but also as key stakeholders in disseminating knowledge to relevant audiences. Led by the center's Communications Officer, the session aimed to equip researchers with information and practical tips useful to enhance their communications efforts, thereby increasing visibility and impact.

The presentation highlighted traditional avenues for communication, such as publications and advocacy, while also shedding light on often overlooked opportunities for researchers to augment their visibility. Additionally, participants received guidance on using smartphones to capture important moments and leveraging available resources such as the EfD global website and social media platforms for wider outreach.

"From conference paper presentations, new appointments, and awards to interviews with the media outlets and other notable bodies, the session served as a valuable reminder of the various ways researchers can showcase our expertise and research impact,” said EfD Ghana Researcher Anthony Amoah, reflecting on the training. He emphasized the potential for simple tools like smartphones to support communication efforts.

Bringing together members from various institutions and regions, of the country, the general meeting was a significant opportunity to engage researchers on communications, alongside other key issues.

During the interactive session following the presentation, Peter Quartey, Deputy Director of EfD Ghana, underscored the importance of proactive communication strategies and continuous information exchange between researchers and the communications team to ensure timely dissemination of information and effective stakeholder engagement.

Wisdom Akpalu, Director of EfD Ghana, spoke about the session’s significance in aligning with the center's commitment to promoting the work and expertise of all its members.

"At EfD Ghana, we are committed to fostering a culture where every researcher's voice is heard, and their contributions are acknowledged for the greater good," he affirmed.

The communication session was integrated into a general meeting the EfD Ghana arranged on 18 March 2024, gathering members to deliberate on progress, strategize for the future, and foster networking opportunities. In addition to providing valuable communications-related insights and tools, the session facilitated exchanges that reinforced the researchers' understanding of the significance of effective communication and clarified the support expected from them in this regard.


By Vicentia Quartey

News | 26 March 2024