The signing
The signing of the agreement. Photo: EfD Ethiopia.

EfD Ethiopia initiates collaboration with Addis Ababa City Environmental Protection Authority

Beyene Petros, Executive General Director of PSI, the host institution of EfD Ethiopia, and Dida Diriba, Manager of Addis Ababa City Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), signed a contract on February 15, to study Household energy consumption and main environmental impacts in Addis Ababa city. The study will help to understand the energy consumption pattern of households, driving factors, and its environmental implications in the city. In addition, experts from Addis Ababa city EPA will work together with EfD researchers to build their capacity on research processes and activities.

The policy brief, based on the findings of the study, will be used as input for the development of energy-related policies in the city.

Both directors emphasized the need to collaborate in related areas in the future and this agreement could be considered as an example for other government offices to follow on how to work with PSI.

News | 16 February 2024