Felipe Vásquez
Felipe Vásquez

EfD Chile researcher participates in international seminar on Productive Economic Transitions

Felipe Vásquez, a professor at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Chile and an EfD fellow, participated in an international seminar in Chile along with other researchers from Europe, Australia, and Latin America.

The seminar, titled Productive Economic Transitions in Times of Global Change: Advancing a Shared Agreement for the Sustainable Development of Chile was held in December 2023. It was convened by the Chilean National Council of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation for Development (CTCI).

The goal of the seminar was to create a space for dialogue and collaboration among researchers from different countries to advance a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in the context of global change.


Necessary to include Natural Capital in decision-making

In his presentation, Felipe Vásquez spoke about the importance of natural capital (NC) for sustainability. He discussed how NC can be incorporated into decision-making, and he provided examples from Indonesia, China, Tanzania, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Borneo.

Felipe Vásquez also talked about the practice of greenwashing, in which companies deceptively present their products, services, or practices as environmentally friendly. He noted that more than 95% of "green" products commit at least one "sin of greenwashing." He called for responsible and informed consumption.

The seminar was a valuable opportunity for researchers from different countries to share their knowledge and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development. The insights gained from the seminar will help to inform the development of policies and strategies to promote sustainable development in Chile and around the world.

Conference recording available here (subtitles available through translation)

By Belén Pulgar.

News | 26 March 2024