Marcela Jaime is 5th from the left.Photo: Seremi Ciencia Centro Sur Chile.
Marcela Jaime is 5th from the left. Photo: Seremi Ciencia Centro Sur Chile.

EfD Chile Director honored as Outstanding Researcher

Marcela Jaime, Director of NENRE EfD-Chile and Associate Professor at the University of Concepción, Campus Chillán, was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as one of the most outstanding researchers of the Ñuble Region (south-central Chile), for her work in science and technology. The ceremony was held at the Chilean Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) and she received her award alongside seven other women researchers.

The activity was part of an initiative organized through collaborative work between the regional presidential delegations, several government ministries, and universities in the South-Center Macrozone (Chilean geographic political term that refers to an area where several regions share certain administrative realities due to characteristics and proximity). 

A group of researchers who would receive recognition in each region was established: The Outstanding Researcher of the Region and the Outstanding Researcher of the Macrozone.

“All can contribute to women’s participation in science”

Marcela Jaime valued the initiative since it seeks to make the role of women in science visible. 

“I had the opportunity to meet great women leaders in Ñuble in their respective areas of knowledge,” she said.

Marcela Jaime also mentioned the importance of promoting more women's participation in science. 

“Promoting greater female participation in science is a task in which we can all contribute, and this initiative goes in this direction.”

Regional authorities attended the event

The event was attended by regional authorities, such as the Head of Ñuble Region from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Sofía Valenzuela, and the Head of Ñuble Region from the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality, Constanza Sánchez.


By: Belén Pulgar.


News | 11 February 2024