Photo by: UFRO
Photo by: UFRO

Chilean researcher invited to advisory committee to the Ministry of Science

EfD Chile researcher Walter Gómez, has been invited to join an advisory statistical committee of the Chilean Ministry of Science to provide knowledge that could benefit policymaking. 

At the end of 2023, Walter Gómez, associate professor at the Universidad de La Frontera in southern Chile, and an EfD research fellow, joined a committee responsible for ensuring the continued operation of the Action Plan for the National Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation (CTCI) Policy in Chile.

The committee is tasked with responding to the need for official information with adequate quality and statistical representativeness of the system.

The name of the committee is the Advisory Committee on Research, Development and Innovation (I+D+i) statistics. It’s composed of a group of specialists from various fields who are responsible for overseeing and recommending actions that will help achieve this goal.

The committee is advisory in nature, so participation is voluntary and represents a valuable opportunity to apply statistical knowledge to support appropriate decisions in the area of public policy in Chile.


Click here to see more information on the CTCI Policy in Chile. (Information only available in Spanish)


By Belén Pulgar.


News | 15 January 2024