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AI promotes learning in course on climate and circular economy

Artificial Intelligence creates endless opportunities. But it also comes with risks and challenges traditional methods, forcing us to think innovatively. A course, hosted by EfD and Chalmers University of Technology, takes advantage of AI both as an educational tool, to create visualizations, to develop critical thinking, and to support real-time analysis.

The course "Policymaking for Climate Action and Circular Economy" has currently over 250 applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, from students to professionals in politics, business, and research.

As more and more people are affected by climate change, education in climate and environmental economics is increasingly important. One unique feature of this course is its innovative use of AI to create a more engaging and effective learning experience while addressing one of the most significant challenges of our time - climate change.

AI supports education

In this course, AI will serve as a catalyst for effective learning. Chatbots will be used to provide immediate answers to questions that participants may not have the opportunity to ask directly to the instructor. This optimizes the learning process, allowing the teaching team to focus on the most complex and challenging aspects of sustainability policymaking. However, Chatbots on occasion provide incorrect information and hence we will also discuss best practices in their use to deal with their flaws.

Visualization through AI

AI will be used to generate informative and easily understandable visuals to help the learners understand and remember complex concepts, such as the image below of the tragedy of the commons - when common resources (like clean air) are exploited in an unsustainable way due to flawed property rights. 

Air pollution
AI-generated image.

Encourages critical thinking and interactivity

The course includes discussing and critically examining the opportunities and limitations of AI tools. 

AI will also help summarize and present the course participants' opinions and ideas in real-time, creating an interactive and inclusive learning environment in spite of the large number of participants! 


By: Erik Sterner and Petra Hansson


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News | 15 September 2023