African Economic Research Consortium: Call for country case study research proposals and faculty research proposals

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This is a call for expression of interest for faculty members in the AERC network universities to participate in the AERC Faculty Research Programme under the Policy Analysis for Sustainable and Healthy Foods in African Retail Markets (PASHFARM) project. We also call upon researchers from sub-Saharan Africa think tanks and research institutions to participate in doing Country-specific Case Studies under the project. 

The objectives of this research are to investigate the impact of the food environment and policy on acquisition and consumption of nutritious foods, and ultimately, health and nutrition outcomes in SSA. A better understanding of the food environment pathways will support the improvement of policy development and program design for improved nutrition outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. According to Turner et. al. (2018), the main domains through which individuals acquire and consume food are personal (accessibility, affordability, convenience, and desirability) and external domains (availability, prices, vendor and product properties, and marketing and regulations). 

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Event | 2 February 2023