Yi, Yuanyuan

Yuanyuan Yi is an EfD Research Fellow at EfD. She has a Master's (2011) and a Ph.D. (2017) in Economics from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has been an EfD (China) center research fellow since 2011. She has been a research assistant professor of economics at the National School of Development, Peking University in Beijing, China since 2019. Before 2019 she worked at the Development Research Group of the World Bank Group in 2017-2019.

Research interests

Yuanyuan’s main research areas are Environment and Development Economics. In her research, she focuses on the economics of natural resource governance in developing countries. Her work looked at forest and land management policies including land property/tenure rights, forest restoration, nature reserve management, rural development, and fishery policies and trade analysis.

Her work also covers land and tenure policies focusing on African countries. She has related work on large farm investments, impact evaluation on the Climate Smart Agriculture project underway in Zambia, and land valuation in Rwanda

She is currently involved in research on the relationships between forest greenness and human health, forest restoration and co-benefits including carbon offsetting and biodiversity, etc., as well as forest’s potential in climate change solutions.


Master's and DSP theses, and post-doctoral project from the National School of Development, Peking University (Co-mentor) in environmental economics.

Policy engagement

  • Yi, Yuanyuan, Daojiong Zha, and Baoqun Fan, 2022. “Research Report on Empowering the ‘Chinese Energy Arsenal: The Way to Improve the Capacity and Resilience of the Energy Sector of China”, a project jointly by the National School of Development, Peking University and the China National Petroleum Corporation in 2022.
  • Yi, Yuanyuan, 2012. “Reforms of State-Owned Forest Sector in Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study in Eight Eastern European Countries”, Environmental Economics Program in China, Peking University.
  • He, Hui, Jie Li, Yuanyuan Yi, Jintao Xu, Haipeng Zhang, 2012. “The Cost-benefit Analyses of Selected Environmental Policy Instruments in China” (in Chinese), a project of the Environmental Economics Program in China (EEPC) of Peking University, entrusted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China in 2012.



Curriculum vitae

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