Strömberg, Per

Per is a freelance sustainability consultant and an environmental economist (Ph.D. Cambridge) with a strong track record in the research and operationalization of policy at both the national level (11 years) and international level (incl. 16 years in and with UN, WB, OECD, EU, and IUCN).

With additional assignments in industry, Per builds on a long trajectory of modeling, often integrating quantitative methods from different disciplines to model microeconomics and trade aspects of ecosystem services, climate change, and policy impacts including their equity implications.

Prior to freelancing, Per worked as a senior economist at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (2011-2021). Among other, there he chaired and was a bureau member of three OECD Working Parties on the environment and economic development.

Before that, Per headed the Sustainable Development Governance Unit at the United Nations University in Japan, among others. He has lived and worked for ten years in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, and more than three years in Canada.

People | 29 January 2016