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Strömberg, Per

At SEPA, Per Strömberg assesses and advices on environmental policy, often with quantitative methods. Per also chairs the OECD Working Party on Integrating Environment and Economic Policy, which develops methods and assesses policies in member countries and in BRICS countries. An environmental economist by training (PhD University of Cambridge, MSc University College London, BA Stockholm University), and with previous assignments in multilateral organisations (UNDP, UN Economic Commission for Latin America, OECD and the Economic Commission) and in industry, Per builds on a long trajectory of modelling, often integrating quantitative methods from different disciplines to model micro economics and trade aspects of ecosystem services, climate change and policy impacts including their equity implications. Prior to joining SEPA in 2011, Per headed the Sustainable Development Governance Unit at the United Nations University in Japan. He has lived and worked for eight years in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

People | 29 January 2016